Top 10 tweets to fight the negative impact of the coronavirus.

There are at least hundred million tweets per day pouring into Twitter showing some aspect of the Coronavirus, we decided to bring some positive lights and provide top 10 covid tweets which you can use for printing on your shirt. 

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Let’s check it together. What is your favorite one?

1. Tweeted by Donald J. Trump:
Social distancing!

2. Tweeted by Mark:
BOSS: due to the virus we need everybody to work from home
ME: please, i have a family

3. Tweeted by George RR Martin :
2020 was directed by me.

4. Tweeted by Fred Macpherson:
We’re all at Fyre Festival now.

5. Tweeted by Mike Birbiglia :
Let’s be honest, social distancing from a few certain people has been nice.

6. Tweeted by Z:
how everyday feels

7. Tweeted by Aparna Nancherla:
oh nowwww everyone wanna know what introverts do for fun

8. Tweeted by Simon Holland:
Sometimes I get the feeling that my family doesn’t really care about learning my fun facts.

9. Tweeted Seth Everman:
tested positive for sad

10. Tweeted by Seth Everman:
Your grandparents were called to war. You’re being called to sit on your couch. You can do this. #QuarantineLife

11. Tweeted by Pete Blackburn:
Why the fuck did I buy a 2020 planner

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